Armani Spa

-        2 branches located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City: 54 Dong Du Street and 99 Dong Khoi Street, District 1.

-        15 years of experience in Beauty care, Hair style, Body care, Nail care and Facial treatment; serving various nationalities from Vietnamese to U.S, Russian, South Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese.

-        Coordinated with domestic and international tour organisers and travel agencies to serve large groups of tourists (from 50 to 250 guests.

-        Years of cooperations with 4 and 5 star hotels such as the Sheraton Hotel, Caravel Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel.

-        Recommended by Amcham Vietnam, Vietnam Tourism Board, BBGV, Citibank and VP bank.

Armani Spa with 3 stand-out product lines


Armani special massage is the harmonized combination of various schools of massages that we have developed and perfected over 15 years ofexperience. Our desire is to bring the highest enjoyment to the customer through this completely new and special massage technique with great attention to detail.


Swizz Massage

Thai Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Firming Massage


The real enjoyment is the feeling of being cared from top to toe, which is fully fulfilled in “Armani special massage”. Meanwhile, the customers can add special request such as combination with hot stone or specialized treatment the painful areas.


Professional high-end products which are trusted by reputable Spas around the World such as:

Alex Cosmetic, Oligodermie, Ericson 

Laboratoire, Dr. Spiller

Are currently used by Armani Spa for its skin care services.

Weather factors, environment, hormonal changes are all factors that lead to skin structure changes and skin pigmentation. After studying the Client’s skin and the causes of their skin problems, the Armani experts will advise an appropriate solution that will be the most effective for the customer’s skin; bringing a much improved look after a relaxing time at Armani spa.

Besides, Armani Spa provides solutions for Skin Rejuvenation and, Face Lift without surgery.





Hygiene, safety and equipment sterilization are always of the utmost   important to Armani Spa. All equipment are thoroughly sterilized before use. Customers can be rest assured when having nail services at Armani Spa.

All equipment and nail care products are imported from the USA to satisfy customer demand.

Our nail paint products include OPI, Shellac of OPI, Gel, Acrylic Nail…

Our Nail care package is highly recommended for our customers, the full process includes cleaning, bleaching, Paraffin, Nail polish and massage treatment with a reasonable price.

The higher Nail care endlines include Shellac Nail, Gel color/powder, Nails art.


In addition to the 3 core strengths, Armani Spa also has the advantages of other services such as Haircuts; Laser Treatment; Waxing. Tattoos, Eyelash Extension…