Age restoring lifting up sheet mask

Giá bán: 500,000 VNĐ

A luxurious mask, infused with ingredients to provide an uplifting transformation whilst diminishing fine lines and dryness. The mask softly clings to the dry and rough areas of the skin, restoring the skins moisture and providing a lifting effect. The mask infuses nutrition and makes the skin smooth and full of elasticity. 
1. Start by cleansing the face. 
2. Open the package, take out the upper and lower masks and remove the thin films on the front and back of the masks. 
3. After removing the thin films, with the eyes as the center in the upper mask, and the mouth as the center in the lower mask, gently apply them to the skin. 
4. Remove the upper and lower masks after 20 to 40 minutes and then gently massage the skin to help it to absorb the remaining essence.

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